Monday, February 6, 2023

My Second Salvation

I became a Christian on October 14, 1973. Salvation came and I was saved. Without knowing all that it would mean, I decided to follow Jesus. Massive changes happened in my life.

If you want to read that story, click here.

My second salvation happened sometime toward the end of July, 2010. It was on that day that something just as miraculous happened. In the same mysterious way as the first time, an awakening came and with it, grace for change. Of course, I had known for years that I was dangerously overweight but I felt powerless to change. I liked food too much and my previous efforts to lose weight had failed to produce any lasting change. But on that day something happened. For the whole story, click here.

As I have thought back now, twelve years later, I see that my second salvation brought so much more than weight loss. It became a springboard to changes in so many other areas. It was like I was enabled to see the other areas in my life, family, and business that not only needed change but there was encouragement that they could change. A book would come my way and that book would lead to another and on and on. As I put things into practice, so many areas of my life began to improve.

God didn’t do all of it and I didn’t either. It is still mysterious to me where his power and my cooperation meet together. One thing I do know is that when his grace showed up on those days, if I had ignored it or put it off, my life would be dramatically worse. I also see that on a smaller scale, the same thing happens many times every day.

Say yes and take the hand when it is offered to you. Walk the path that is placed before you.

If you are overweight like most Americans, my story can help you. Is today your day?

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