Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear Mom - Thanks!

A letter I wish I could send to my birth mom.

January 28, 2014

Dear Mom,

I saw a movie yesterday that made me think of you and me. I went to it for one reason and was blindsided by what happened inside of me. Yesterday was the second time I saw it in three days. I then understood why I was so affected. It is called Gimme Shelter. It is about teenage moms and all they had to go through to have their babies. I know you were not a teen when I was born but I imagine it still must have been very hard for you having not been married.

From what I heard, you left your home and came to Denver where I was born. Did you live in a home for unwed mothers or were you working and living on your own? If I were you I would have felt very disconnected from all that was familiar and would have been scared.

I wonder too who knew about what was going on? Did you have support from your family and friends? Did you feel ashamed and ostracized?

Was the pregnancy difficult? Did you make friends here in Denver?

What was it like on the day I was born? Did you have a long labor?

Did you hold me and kiss me and cry? Was it hard for you to give me away? Were you glad it was over?

Did you think of me through the years? Did you remember my birthday? Did you ever talk of me?

I know you can't answer these questions given your present condition. That's okay.

I do want to thank you. You went through a lot to bring me into this world. I really appreciate it. I was raised in a good home. Things turned out okay.