Friday, September 16, 2016

The Letters I've Never Sent

I love to put words on paper. I like a good, not necessarily expensive, pen for the job and appropriate paper rounds it out.

Sometimes the words go from my head, through a keyboard and into the digital world.

What is most important is that the words get out and do their job. It may be thanks or encouragement or standing on the soapbox.

I love when something I write helps someone.

But there are a lot of letters I have never sent. Therapy writing.

Many letters burning with anger have been written with no intention of another human reading them. I have made convincing arguments to people who I know would never listen. I have shared pain or passion. And then in the trash they go.

Do you have letters that need to be written? Letters that will let the depths of your heart and soul escape. Letters that are for you and God alone. A letter that is bursting with anger, passion, pain, or even joy.

Write it, read it, tear it up. Freedom.