Friday, March 20, 2015


Consolation: a source of comfort to somebody who is upset or disappointed. Something that makes a person feel less sadness or disappointment.

Where do you go for consolation? The good Christian answer is to God. A good SECOND choice is to caring people.

Reality is much different. How about comfort foods? They don't have that name in a vacuum. Alcohol and drugs (legal or illegal) are high on the list. Television is a good opiate. Illicit sex promises great relief. Many other diversions promise help: hobbies and crafts, too much work, gambling, church activities, buying something. Escape.

Where do you run when you are in pain? Where do you go when you are angry? When you face gigantic disappointment, what brings relief?

Honest answers can help us see where our addictions lie. And by lie, I mean where they are and the falsehoods they promise.

Do you find yourself bristling at that word - addiction? Is it a word you refuse to link to yourself? Well, how about habit, compulsion, obsession or craving? Or would you rather believe that none of these words describe you? Then how about denial?

Next time you are upset, disappointed, sad or angry make a note of where your mind and body want to go or look back and admit where you ended up. That recognition can go a long way in helping us reject the false and connect with God in a way that brings true consolation and doesn't bring more pain or regret.

There is no good thing aside from Jesus that sin can't twist into a pair of handcuffs.  (John J. Thompson)

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