Monday, January 8, 2007

Avoiding Emotional Adultery

I want to pass on an article I read from Family Life regarding emotional adultery. The emotional is where the physical begins. Below are some thoughts from the article.

Things that can lead to emotional adultery:

  • You've got a need you feel your mate isn't meeting—a need for attention, approval, or affection.
  • You find it easier to unwind with someone other than your spouse by dissecting the day's difficulties over lunch, coffee, a ride home … or through e-mail correspondence on the Internet.
  • You begin to talk about problems you're having with your spouse.
  • You rationalize the "rightness" of this relationship by saying that surely it must be God's will to talk openly and honestly with a fellow Christian.
  • You look forward to being with this person.
  • You wonder what you'd do if you didn't have this friend to talk with.
  • You hide the relationship from your mate.
For protection, the article references several things. Two that are very important are having proper boundaries in place and being careful of what you convey with your eyes.

Here is the complete article. It’s worth reading.

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