Saturday, January 27, 2007

Religion Rights Bill

This is an interesting article about a bill introduced in the Colorado legislature. The goal is to protect the constitutional rights of students and school staff in the public schools.

Sadly, in a Democrat controlled legislature it probably won’t get very far.

I have seen first hand some of the abuses that a bill like this could address. Every spring and fall, a group of us go to area high schools to pass out prolife literature. Most of the time the administration and teachers do everything they can to prevent the students from getting the literature. I have noticed many times where a teacher will set a trashcan by the front door and then tell the entering students to throw the literature in the trash.

Some years ago at East High in Denver, a teacher came out on the sidewalk and told the students that he would fail them in his class if they took the literature.

In both of these examples is it already a recognized right of the students to take the literature and to take it with them into the school. What a bill like this one would do is to try to make the rights that already exist more recognized in the schools.

I know there are many times that administrators are simply ignorant of what the Constitution says and sometimes they know and don’t care. In both of these cases, a problem would be fixed.

Some people would oppose the bill, being concerned that teachers and students with weird religious beliefs would be able to promote their views as well. I have two things to say about that. One is that those views are probably already allowed as it is usually Christianity that is discriminated against. The second thing is that when all views are put on the table, truth becomes very clear.

Through my years of passing out literature in front of the schools and the conversations I have had with the students it has become very clear to me that there is a lot of indoctrination going on. Almost as automatons, many of the students parrot the same tired lines that a little common sense or logic would disprove. It is always so interesting to see the puzzled look on their face as their objections and questions are answered. It is obvious that many of them have never heard the other side.

Anyway, I think this bill would be a good idea. What do you think? Do you see any negatives?


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