Sunday, January 7, 2007

Babies for Sale

Are you tired of making babies the old-fashioned way? Is marriage and sex in the way of having your own child? Would you rather have a designer baby made for you than take chances on what your baby might look like?

If so, you now have choices. A company in Texas has batches of babies ready for the ordering. Just like looking at toys in the Christmas catalog, you can look over detailed information on things like race, education, appearance and personality when making your choice.

The company claims they will make it easier and more affordable for clients to have a baby according to their preferences. Also, they don’t worry about traditional families. They market to single women and homosexual couples. You can use your own womb or they can arrange for a surrogate. With a surrogate, I guess single guys should fit into the program too.

If you are interested, you could make some sweet cash if you have some eggs to sell. Of course you should be good looking, have good background and the like. They pay $3500 to $15,000 and even more if you have a postgraduate degree or other unique skills or traits. I bet blond hair is a big seller.

The company takes its name from the Biblical account of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. What they fail to take into account is the problems that resulted from that situation and the ones that will result from their business.

May God restore sanity.


To check into it yourself: The Abraham Center of Life

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