Saturday, September 4, 2021

Best Carpet Cleaning Machine Review

We used to get our carpet cleaned by a professional company once or twice a year. Last year my wife suggested we look into buying our own machine. I did some research and settled on this one. I figured cheaper machines probably would not do as good of a job. We used to pay the company a little over $200 so the machine was a little over that.

We are amazed how easy it is to operate and how clean the carpet is after. It also dried much quicker that when the professionals did it. That was one of the things we hated about getting out carpet cleaned. It would take over a day for it to completely dry and we had to wait before everything could be put back into its place.

Another thing we noticed is that it stayed cleaner longer. There were some traffic areas that looked dirty a couple of months after cleaning and that is not the case anymore. One other thing I like is that we can do different areas without having to have all the carpet done at once.

This machine is one of the best investments we have made.

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